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Linaria 'Licilia Azure' Linaria 'Licilia Azure'

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Melon 'Dove White' Melon 'Dove White'

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Lobelia 'Coat of Arms Blue' Lobelia 'Coat of Arms Blue'

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Pepper Superhot 'Trinidad Scorpion Yellow' Pepper Superhot 'Trinidad Scorpion Yellow'***
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Campanula 'Clockwise Deep Blue' Campanula 'Clockwise Deep Blue'***
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Poppy 'Great Scarlet' Poppy 'Great Scarlet'

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Impatien 'Impreza Passion Mix' Impatien 'Impreza Passion Mix'

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Bean 'Purple Podded Pole' Bean 'Purple Podded Pole'

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Penstemon 'Twizzle Scarlet' Penstemon 'Twizzle Scarlet'

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Pea 'Little SnowPea Purple' Pea 'Little SnowPea Purple'

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"Awesome Vegetables and Flowers!!!!"
Elizabeth -

"This is a beautiful Greenhouse with great, healthy plants! Plus you will get your questions answered by the knowledgeable and enthusiastic owners."

"...Wonderful, Efficient, Friendly, Helpful People, with even better Plants!!! Terrific place to confidently pre-order spring veggies & herbs. ALWAYS a welcome destination. Look forward to the visit ...love, Love, LOVE these Folks!!"

"Amazing!! not only is this place a greenhouse for flowers, they also have an amazing selection of veggie and herb plants- even heirloom tomatoes and peppers! they do you-pick berries, as well! i'd recommend this place to ANYONE! when it comes down to it, this is what you need to know: good, honest family greenhouse. amazing prices. they don’t ever spray their items!"
Jennifer -

"This is where I buy all my plants for my garden! Great prices and I have always been happy with the product! Now as I have been starting my own business using fresh produce from my garden it is even more important that I get an outstanding product at a decent price!"
Maureen - SYRACUSE

"excellent service"
Bonnie - ILION

"Found you by chance on Sat. Was tickled to find all the heirloom tomato plants and the marigolds are huge! I know where I am driving when I need plants and we live an hour away!"
Candice - NORWICH

"When you come to visit, a side trip to this nearby paradise is a must!!! The plants are fabulous, but the real attraction for me (and Betsy) are the beautiful children. And --o yes -- I almost forgot to mention the chickens..."

"They are a WONDERFUL family....VERY friendly and knowledgeable! Excellent business!"
Michael - SAUQUOIT

"Beautiful plants. The selection is endless, the family definitely puts their heart & soul into everything they offer!"

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