Fresh Eggs

Rainbow Eggs

Fresh Rainbow Eggs from our happy hens are available year-round!

They cost $3.50/dozen and are available for local pick-up.  Please call first.

We have fertile hatching eggs available for individuals, schools, and groups.  Click here for more info.

What makes our eggs better than store-bought eggs?  Well, where do we begin…

Our eggs are fresh!  Our eggs are gathered daily and sold promptly.  Store-bought eggs are often held in warehouses for months before being shipped.

Fresh eggs taste better!  Try our eggs and you will never want to go back to bland store-bought eggs.  Fresh eggs have a delicious buttery taste.

They are better for you!  Our eggs are naturally lower in cholesterol, and contain many trace vitamins/minerals lacking in commercially-produced eggs.

Our eggs are laid by happy hens!  Our hens enjoy fresh grains and greens and are allowed to forage.  Store-bought eggs are laid by battery hens which are kept in cages under artificial lighting.

Colorful eggs are FUN!  We keep a number of poultry breeds.  The resulting eggs are naturally colored in shades of brown, peach, white, green, and blue!

Call (315) 737-5635 and pick some up today!

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"When you come to visit, a side trip to this nearby paradise is a must!!! The plants are fabulous, but the real attraction for me (and Betsy) are the beautiful children. And --o yes -- I almost forgot to mention the chickens..."

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Jennifer -

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